Outdoor Storage Units in Longmont vs. Indoor

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When searching for a facility offering storage units in Longmont, prospective renters should ask themselves whether they prioritize the convenience, access and value of an outdoor unit or the added protections of an indoor unit. Let's identify merits of each.

Outdoor Units

Outdoor storage units such as those at AAA Storage are typically "drive-up," meaning renters are able to drive their vehicle right up to (or even inside of) the unit. The obvious benefit of this (apart from that cars themselves can be stored) is that larger items may be transported directly to the unit without having to be maneuvered down narrow hallways or staircases. Outdoor units are also typically much larger, so renters who need to store a greater quantity of smaller items are served just as well.

Anyone needing to stage a moving process might consider an outdoor unit at a facility like AAA Storage, where the turning spaces and avenues between storage buildings are wide enough to accommodate a truck. With that said, they should also take care to note which items are not appropriate for outdoor storage.

Indoor Units

Self-evidently, indoor storage units are located inside of another structure. This means an additional layer of security compared to many outdoor facilities without high fences and 24 hour gate codes, and typically better lighting conditions. A renter can be less discerning about which items they choose to store in an indoor storage unit due to temperature regulation and protection from the elements. See this article for further reading on what not to store outdoors, or which items may be safer indoors. 

AAA Storage in Longmont offers outdoor storage units protected behind a high fence, watched over by a resident on-site manager, and monitored 24/7 by a CCTV system. You don't want to store your valuables with us, but for everything else you've come to the right place! Call us at 303-776-3629 to reserve your drive-up unit today.

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