Storage Units in Longmont and What not to Store

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While self-storage is and should be simple, there are some considerations one needs to make before shutting the door and sliding the latch on their unit. Here's a list of some common things a person should never lock inside their storage space.

People, Plants, or Pets

A storage unit is no place for a living thing. For their own safety, tenants are not permitted to be inside their storage unit with the door closed. The temperature inside a storage unit can quickly become deadly. Never keep your pet inside a storage unit for any length of time; no exceptions. Plants will quickly die under the conditions inside a unit as well.


While you can sleep easy using one of our storage units in Longmont, self-storage facilities in general are not high-security vaults. Neither money nor other currencies like gold should ever be stored in one of our units. Use a bank.

Anything that Smells

At AAA Storage in Longmont, we work hard to keep our facility pest-free, and we provide free mouse poison to tenants which we frequently distribute in vacated units. (As an aside, this is one of many reasons you should never allow pets off-leash in our facility). However, we are limited by the fact that we do not have access to our tenants' units. Therefore, much of the responsibility toward pest management falls upon our renters and their honesty in following the terms of our lease. Perishable items (essentially anything that would normally be kept in a refrigerator) should not be stored in our units for any length of time. Nor should any items with strong scents, as they may attract bugs and mice. Remember, your neighbor is relying on you. Breaking the terms of the lease doesn't just endanger your items, but those of the tenants around you as well.


Tenants may store electronics at their own risk, but should bear in mind they are often sensitive to temperature changes. Don't be surprised if your electronic device no longer works after weeks, months or years of being exposed to the wide temperature swings that can occur inside a storage unit.

Always remember to read your lease agreement carefully whether you are renting from AAA Storage or not. Our knowledgeable staff is happy to answer any questions you may have, so visit us in person or call us at 303-776-3629 today! Our website also has a number of resources for prospective renters, such as a page for frequently asked questions a size guide and a storage calculator.

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