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Storage Units in Longmont | Quick Storage Guide

Life throws curveballs our way, and suddenly needing extra storage space is one of those surprises. The question is, can you secure a storage unit of any size with ease and speed? Absolutely! Here's your go-to guide:

Internet Investigating: Dive into self-storage-specific search engines tailored to your needs and locality. The internet is a treasure trove for finding the perfect storage facility at a moment's notice.

Research Apps: In today's app-driven world, there's a solution for everything, storage included. Explore apps like SpareFoot,, and CubeSmart, offering details, reviews, and up-to-date pricing – all at your fingertips.

Call the Facility: Once you've shortlisted potential facilities, don't shy away from making a few calls. Speaking directly with the facility manager streamlines the process and ensures you're getting the most accurate information, including any ongoing specials.

Online Reservations: Many facilities, AAA Storage included, offer online reservations and rentals. Handle almost everything from the comfort of your screen, from signing the lease to picking up your unit and securing it with your lock.

Specialized Options: If you're stashing delicate items like antiques or electronics, consider specialized units. Some maintain a stable temperature and humidity, providing extra TLC to your belongings.

Wisdom of Crowds: Before committing, leverage the wisdom of online reviews and recommendations from friends or family. Platforms like Yelp offer insights that go beyond the official spiel.

In our fast-paced world, quick solutions are a necessity. Finding a self-storage unit on short notice is no exception. Thanks to the internet, mobile apps, and good old-fashioned phone calls, securing storage space has never been more convenient. Your extra space awaits.

If you're looking to rent in the area of Longmont, Colorado check out AAA Storage! Our business is locally owned and operated and has proudly served many thousands of local residents over the years.

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