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Storing a Vehicle Inside AAA Storage Units in Longmont

Many of our storage units in Longmont are well-suited to long-term storage of cars, for several reasons: The units themselves are large enough, the doors are wide enough, there is sufficient maneuvering space between our buildings, and our facility is secure behind a gated fence. Additionally, our units are monitored by CCTV and watched carefully by a resident on-site manager. And although all of these features are important considerations when choosing which facility to trust with your car, certain precautions should also be taken by the renter to ensure a satisfactory storage experience. 

Change Your Oil and Fill the Gas Tank

Because engine oil left stagnant for several months or longer can damage engine parts, we recommend changing your car's oil before placing it in storage; and then again before driving it. You'll also want to fill your gas tank, as doing so leaves little room for corrosive moisture to damage it.

Connect a Battery Maintainer

Car batteries discharge while in storage, and you may find yours dead when it comes time to start your engine. A battery maintainer is a slow-charger that will keep your car's battery in working condition while it hibernates.

Plug Openings

Diligent though we are to keep our facility pest-free, we at AAA Storage take no responsibility for your vehicle becoming a home to insects or rodents while in storage. That's why we recommend plugging any openings — such as the tailpipe and air intakes — to deny pests entry in the first place. A small amount of effort here may save you grief in the future. 

Use Chocks, Not the Parking Brake

Over time, an engaged parking brake may actually become stuck to the surface of the wheel. Instead, place chocks against your tires to safely ensure the car won't roll.

Check back soon for more tips from your best option for renting storage units in Longmont: AAA Storage!

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