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If you're looking for storage units in Longmont, you've come to the right place; AAA Storage is the local storage solution you can trust. In this post we continue on from part 1, in which we shared some best practices for painless long-term car storage. Let's jump back into it with cleaning and conditioning:

Vacuum, Dust and Seal

Over a long enough time period, even a few crumbs may attract unwanted attention. As an added means of protection against invasive pests, thoroughly clean the interior of your car before storing it. You can also surround the area with mothballs, the smell of which is said to repel rodents. Combined with practices mentioned in part 1—like shutting vents and plugging holes—you can rest soundly knowing a surprise won't be waiting for you when you return. However, even with all precautions taken, be sure to check under the hood for evidence of infestation before you start your car again. 

If your car has a leather interior, use a protective leather serum to minimize any cracking, fading or discoloration that may occur as a result of temperature swings. 

Wash and Wax

Allowing debris and grime or water stains to remain on your car over a longer storage term may harm the paint job or even accelerate corrosion, so be sure to give the exterior a thorough washing before parking it. You can wax it too, ensuring that state of cleanliness won't be compromised by dust or dirt accumulating over the following months. For a final layer of protection consider a car cover, especially if you're storing the car outdoors. 

Spend a little more time and money now, and save a lot of both later. 

Check back regularly for further updates and articles like this one. Thank you for choosing locally-owned-and-operated AAA Storage to rent storage units in Longmont. Call us at 303-776-3629 between the hours of 9 - 5 on weekdays and 9 - 3 on weekends to learn more!

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