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Today we are covering the second half of our size guide for AAA Storage's storage units in Longmont. Make sure you check out part 1 first to familiarize yourself with our range of smaller units. To restate the standard storage conundrum: you don't want to overpay for unused space, but at the same time you don't want to have to move everything you've stored all over again once you realize you actually needed the next-biggest unit. Armed with some simple knowledge, you can make a better-informed and more cost effective decision.

Drive-Up 10x20 (200 square ft.)

This unit is equivalent to a standard one-car garage, so your mid-size vehicle will fit just fine. It can accommodate all the contents of a three-bedroom home including appliances. 

Drive-Up 10x25 (250 square ft.)

A 10x25 unit is a bit larger than a standard one-car garage. It can accommodate the contents of a typical 1,600 square ft. (or four to five-bedroom) home or apartment. Most cars and pick-up trucks will fit in a 10x25, though we highly recommend finding the exact dimensions of your vehicle before renting and parking. An alternate use for this unit could be the storage of equipment, inventory, records and files for your small business. 

Drive-Up 10x30 (300 square ft.)

The 10x30 is equivalent to a standard two-car garage. You can put a pick-up truck in here and still have considerable room to spare for boxes and records. Are you moving a big house and a big family? This is the unit for you. You might also consider the 10x30 to accommodate your growing business. This size offers peace of mind resulting from the fact that if you do end up needing more space, you'll probably have it.

Drive-Up 10x40 (400 square ft.)

100 square ft. larger than a standard two-car garage, the 10x40 unit is our largest offering. It comes with two large doors on opposite ends, and two free locks to keep them secure. You can store two vehicles in this unit and drive out with either one without having to move the other out of the way. It can store the contents of a very large house including your appliances, mattresses, and dozens of boxes. 

This concludes the two-parter on our Longmont storage unit sizes. Remember, you can always refer to our size guide or size calculator for similar information. You can also call us at 303-776-3629 during business hours and our friendly, knowledgeable staff will answer your questions on the spot. 

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