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Since prices for storage units in Longmont can vary dramatically depending on their size and location, committing to renting one can be a little intimidating. You don't want to overpay for empty space, but at the same time you don't want to have to move everything you've stored all over again once you realize you actually needed the next-biggest unit. At AAA storage, we understand all of this; plus, we are here to help. Let's have a look at our offerings:

Drive-Up 5x5 (25 square ft.)

This unit is equivalent to a regular closet, such as you might have at home. That's what this unit excels at: clearing up some extra space in the house. We recommend this size unit for renters who intend to store small furniture items, business records, toys, etc. If you need to store a mattress, this probably won't cut it. 

Drive-Up 5x10 (50 square ft.)

You can fit a king-size bed in here, a dresser, and 10+ standard moving boxes. Our 5x10 unit is approximately the size of a walk-in closet. Again, this unit will do much toward clearing up space in your home or apartment, if that's what you need. 

(AAA Storage does not offer 5x15 storage units. Sorry!)

Drive-Up 10x10 (100 square ft.)

The 10x10 is versatile and therefore one of our more popular units. It's a nice compromise between cost and square footage. You can fit the entire contents of a one or two bedroom apartment inside, plus all the odds and ends you've packed into boxes. To frame it a different way: The 10x10 is equivalent to half of a one-car garage.

Drive-Up 10x15 (150 square ft.)

You can fit the entire contents of a two-bedroom home/apartment in this unit, plus all of your major appliances and boxed items. Some compact cars will fit in this unit as well. Put a more familiar way, this unit is two-thirds the size of a one-car garage.  

Today we covered the first half of our size offerings. Check back soon for part 2, where we will touch on the remainder. Remember, you can always refer to our size guide or size calculator for similar information. You can also call us at 303-776-3629 and our friendly, knowledgeable staff will answer your questions on the spot. 

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