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Storage Units in Longmont | How to Store Wine

Wine is sensitive to the elements, so storing it is not quite as simple as placing it on a shelf in the kitchen pantry. While the ideal solution for a wine enthusiast is a cellar or fridge with temperature control (the ideal temperature for wine being commonly accepted as 55 degrees Fahrenheit), such an expensive solution isn't usually necessary to preserve wine longevity over the medium term.

A cool and dark corner of your home (such as a spot in the basement) could serve as a suitable storage option.

Horizontal Storage

There is, allegedly, a good reason wine is commonly stored horizontally: It prevents the cork from drying out by keeping it in contact with the wine. Horizontal storage is also an efficient use of space, and can add style to your home when done using a wine rack. 

Ideal Humidity

The most commonly accepted figure for wine storage is humidity of approximately 60%. If your home deviates significantly from this figure, you may need a solution in order to store your wine safely. Air conditioners can be used to reduce humidity, and humidifiers can be used to increase humidity. There are various potentially problematic causes for a humidity issue at home, so consult with a trusted professional if you're concerned. 


While we already mentioned it earlier, it bears repeating that a dark environment is essential for wine storage. Even your lights may degrade the quality of your wine over time, so choose a storage location accordingly.

While we don't recommend storing your wine at AAA Storage in Longmont, we're available for almost anything else you own! If you're moving or just have too much stuff, browse our website ( or call us at 303-776-3629 and we'll share all the information you need to make an informed decision.

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