Storage Units in Longmont | What to Throw in the Garbage

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Storage Units in Longmont | What to Throw in the Garbage

Whether we're in a transition like moving homes or overwhelmed with work or just training for a Hoarder's audition, most of us have a lot of stuff in storage that really belongs in the trash. Here are some common ones:

Deprecated Gadget

You'll probably never power on that flip phone in its bulky box on your closet shelf ever again, so unless it holds some special meaning to you, get rid of it. Root out the one useful power cord in that box of tangled cables and throw the rest away. Overcome nostalgia with the realization that you will never actually use any of those devices you have hidden away. Consider selling them in a yard sale if you suspect they may be holding onto some of their value.

Old Cards and Mail

Set aside the letters and cards you've received which hold sentimental value for you—those should be kept and treasured. However, many of the cards you've received are probably not worth the clutter they contribute to. Make sure to also sort through your old saved mail, as much of it will contain information that was once but is no longer useful to you.

Tupperware That's Missing Pieces or Yellowing

Throw them out. Even though you may eventually find missing lids or containers, it isn't worth the hassle of fumbling with unpaired pieces every time you need to store leftovers. It's wiser to buy new containers. After you've finished organizing your new collection, you'll be glad you sorted out the prior mess. Just be sure to keep your new stuff sorted and together to reduce the risk of repeating the mistake.

Solo Or Damaged Socks

We've all dealt with the mystery of vanishing socks, and most of us are probably holding onto solo (and often, damaged) ones hoping their counterpart will turn up. Instead, just toss them and purchase brand-new socks.

For everything with actual value to you, AAA Storage's storage units in Longmont are available for the Boulder and Longmont region. Call us today at 303-776-3629 or browse our available storage units right here. If you have questions, our staff can help.

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