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A common concern held by renters of our storage units in Longmont is that they'll find their selected unit isn't big enough only when it's too late. While our website does have a storage calculator to help prevent this from occurring in the first place, we can offer another solution in the event that planning fails: transferring.

Transferring to a New Unit

AAA Storage has a seamless unit transfer process in the event that a renter needs to up-size or downsize. To initiate the process, simply visit the office near the front of the facility during business hours and inform the on-duty manager of your decision. The manager will assist in you in selecting a new unit based on your preferred location and size. Please be aware that although we understand transferring renters typically want a new unit near the one they're transferring from, this is often not possible due to the high occupancy of our facility. 


The unit transfer process also automatically transfers your pro-rated balance to your new unit, so your cost will depend on the days remaining in your rental period as well as the difference in size between the two units. If you have any questions regarding the cost of your transfer, ask a manager. 


Another concern transferring renters often express is the pressure to make the transfer quickly. At AAA storage we understand how difficult moving can be, which is why we offer renters 72 hours to make the switch. Make sure that, at the time you initiate the transfer process, you feel able to complete the move at some point over the following 3 days. 

AAA Storage is a self-storage facility at which renters can feel secure in the ability to make adjustments according to their changing needs. If you have questions or concerns regarding the process of transferring from one unit to another, give us a call at 303-776-3629. 

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