Storage Units in Longmont | Storing Sports Equipment

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Storage Units in Longmont |  Storing Sports Equipment

Late October marks Halloween and a joyous introduction to the holiday season, but it also means shelving most sports equipment for the long winter months to come. Here are some tips you can act on to help that equipment survive until spring.

Donations and Trash

As usual, the first crucial step of storage maintenance is letting go of those items which have outlived their usefulness. Create an inventory of anything that needs to be replaced, then dispose of those items by whichever method is more appropriate. If a piece of equipment is still in good shape or has only been outgrown, consider donating it to local institutions, teams or charities. 


Next, separate equipment by category (probably the associated sport). This may seem obvious, but household sports equipment often ends up in heavy, disorganized piles that are difficult and frustrating to sift through; especially when the item you need is small, is part of a pair, or is buried near to the bottom. Attach shinguards to their counterparts, separate hockey balls from lacrosse balls, and untangle baseball mitts from hockey gloves. 


There are many specialized options for sports equipment storage, and delving into them can pay off massively. For example: wall-mounted hangings for everything from baseball bats and hockey sticks to bikes, separated baskets for tennis balls, baseballs, hockey balls, etc., bench bins for anything shoe-related, and versatile sports bags for when it's actually game time.  Taking advantage of wall space is a must if you want an efficient and organized storage area in which all sections can be accessed at will.

AAA Storage on 3rd Avenue in Longmont serves Boulder County and beyond with clean, affordable drive-up self-storage units. Come visit or call us at 303-776-3629 and we'll help you find the perfect size unit for your unique needs. 

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