Storage Units in Longmont | Storing Physical Media

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Storage Units in Longmont | Storing Physical Media

Just as with photographs, temperature and light are crucial variables in the care of physical media. Humidity levels around 40% and a temperature of around 69 degrees Fahrenheit are the sweet spot for storage of hard drives, tapes, CDs/DVDs, video games and more. Kept outside of appropriate conditions, laser discs can develop something called laser rot, which is when the metallic layer of the disc begins to oxidize. This can affect visual and audio quality of the media. 

Another factor to consider is housing, which hinges on whether or not the owner wants to display their collection openly or hide it behind lock and key. Bookcases, both large and small, are a popular option for the display of media collections. There are also specialized boxes for the storage of media like CDs and VHS tapes. Locking cabinets are a more popular option for the wary collector. Regardless of the broader storage option, be sure to maintain each piece of physical media in its original case. If you've lost the original case, provide a new one and label it in a similar fashion to the other media of the same type in your collection. Finally, for home videos or personal recordings, give each piece a neat, detailed description. You may think you'll remember what was on that disc a few years from now but for most of us, it's unlikely.

The last major task to consider is organization of your collection. The majority of people subdivide their collection by type (i.e. movies, video games, home videos, etc) and then further organize alphabetically. However, it is a personal decision, and many collectors may want to go with other categorizations such as genre or release date, or others with personal relevance. 

AAA Storage in Longmont is a drive-up self-storage facility with business hours of 9-5 on weekdays and 9-3 on weekends. Call today at 303-776-3629. 

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