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Self storage units in Longmont may not be your first thought when it comes to organizing the avalanche of paper restrained by your closet door, but it may be among your best options. The following are some basics steps for treating that problem in particular.


The first step is to decide which of your documents can be recycled, which should be shredded, and which you actually need. Shred anything you don't need but which contains sensitive personal information, recycle anything you don't need but which contains no personal information, and keep what you do need. This first step is the most time-consuming, but also pays dividends in terms of satisfaction. 


Divide your now-manageable stack of papers in categories, usually by type. For example: documents with personal value, documents with legal relevance, and documents with financial information. Organize any paperwork relevant to your small business by date. Once your big stack of papers now exists only in several smaller stacks, it's time for a storage solution. File organizers of various materials are a popular option, but do your own research to find the specific solution that fits your unique needs.


Now that most of the hard work is done, it's time to buy filing cabinets or bins suited for paperwork. As with many things in life, the more you spend the better off you'll be. For absolutely vital documents, you might want to consider a fireproof cabinet.

Shelving is another near-must, as it would be a shame to have boxes scattered across the floor after getting to this point. Shelving will also make it much easier to access your documents in the future. 

AAA Storage in Longmont is your option for safe, secure and reliable drive-up storage units. Call us today and allow our knowledgeable staff to walk you through the process of renting. 

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