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Storage Units in Longmont: Storing Photos

Although our photography collections are now almost entirely digital, most of us still have analog photography collections at home, in boxes or framed on the walls—physical representations of our fondest memories. If you're planning on using self-storage or moving anytime soon, you might be a little concerned over the safety of your boxes of cherished photographs. Here are some tips to ensure they'll survive the ordeal without degrading.

Organize Your Collection

The first and most important step also takes the longest. Divide your photographs into whichever categories make the most sense to you. Some you may want to scan to convert to a digital format, some may be of paramount importance to you. 

Decide on Containers

If you've got photo albums with lots of extra space, start by filling them up. For the rest, consider purchasing another photo album or even storage boxes made specifically for photographs, commonly available at art supply stores. Remove any framed photos you have from their frames to ensure they won't be damaged by broken glass. Secure those photographs in one of the aforementioned storage solutions, then bubble wrap the frames and place them in cardboard boxes. Lastly, considering keeping your photo albums and boxes separate from the rest of your possessions, just to ensure they aren't crushed or rudely handled during the move. Unlike most items we own, our old photographs can't be replaced!

If you're shopping around for safe, affordable drive-up storage units serving the Longmont/Boulder area, consider AAA Storage on 3rd Avenue in Longmont! We offer insurance, free locks with any unit rental, and an attentive resident on-site manager; plus security features like a gated fence and security cameras. We are open 24 hours per day, with access by gate code required outside of business hours. Call us at 303-776-3629 to ask questions or get started! 

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