Storage Units in Longmont | Storage Unit for E-Commerce

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Storage Units in Longmont | Storage for E-Commerce

First and foremost, AAA Storage in Longmont offers flexible leasing for your fluctuating business needs. Our rentals are month to month, and we have a seamless transfer process in the event you need to switch units. 

Inventory Space

It can be extraordinary difficult to afford the space needed to store a business inventory, and that's why self-storage is a great option. It's affordable and flexible and convenient for a new business owner, especially if commercial space isn't quite in your budget. 

Work and Life Separation

Having a business inventory cluttering up rooms of your house may be making it exceedingly difficult to detach and unwind from work towards the end of the day. The visual cue is a constant reminder of unfinished work tasks, not to mention the limitless list of potential tasks. Having a distinct, separate location where your business lives can help you activate "work mode" when it's time to do so and more importantly, the reverse. Relief from this may even counterintuitively improve your work efficiency over time by reducing burnout and increasing focus when it's actually time for work.

It May Be Safer

The home can be a chaotic place, especially if you have a family. Keeping business inventory at home means it's vulnerable to children, pets and other sources of damage. At AAA Storage we have surveillance cameras, a gated fence and routine walk-throughs; all meant to protect the precious belongings of our renters. Choosing a secure self-storage facility for your inventory may be an excellent choice on this front alone. 

AAA Storage is a drive-up self-storage facility with 24-hour access in Longmont, CO, which makes it perfect for the inventory of a budding small business. Contact us today to discuss the needs of your small business with our knowledgeable staff.

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