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Storage Units in Longmont | Choosing a Storage Term

If you're renting with AAA Storage in Longmont or similar facilities, you'll be pleased to know that the lease contains no storage term commitment. Our tenants can re-make the decision of whether they still need a storage unit each month.

Who Rents Short-Term?

The most obvious case for a short-term rental is a move. Our moving tenants often rent for just a month, although the length is highly dependent on the size of the household being moved. Our commitment-free rentals offer moving families the flexibility to extend for as long as they need, as sometimes the cost of another month is a worthwhile exchange for the reduction in pressure and time constraint.

Other short-term renters include home renovators, divorcees, active sellers, visiting RV owners, and victims of misfortune such as flood or fire.

Who Rents Long-Term?

Long-term rentals are suitable for a wide range of tenant needs. Small business owners can manage and store inventory from a self-storage unit and even use it as a base of operations (as long as they adhere to the terms outlined in the lease, which may include no use of electricity and probably include keeping the door open while inside the unit). People who own seasonal items such as skiing equipment or Halloween decorations may find significant utility in a smaller self-storage unit by reducing clutter at home. Cars are also relatively common long-term (or short-term) storage possessions. 

Ultimately, the possibilities for both short and long-term storage are limited only by the needs of tenants and lease restrictions (as certain items are disallowed in virtually all self-storage facilities).

AAA Storage is a self-storage facility offering storage units in Longmont and the Boulder region. Our staff can answer any questions you may have regarding our facility or self-storage in general. 

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