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If you're like many local home-owners, drive-up storage units in Longmont such as those offered by AAA Storage aren't your only recourse for clearing up space in the house. You may have a garage—one car or two—that is either not being used optimally or is cluttered to a point where the mere thought of organizing it overwhelms you. In this article (and part 2 to follow) we will discuss a few strategies for making the most out of your garage space at home. 

Throw it Out

Do you really need that old box full of tattered clothing? Is anyone ever going to play anything in that stack of board games again? Like most of us, you might be unnecessarily burdened with a tremendous number of possessions which should be thrown out, donated, or sold. Many of them are probably occupying space in your garage. If you can be fully honest with yourself about which of those items need to go, the answer to your storage (and organizational) problems may become apparent.

Use the Walls

If your garage walls are bare, they may be the answer to a safer and more spacious garage. Add shelving and racks to your walls, or peg boards for tools and gardening equipment. Hang as much as you can from wall implements, and always place tools back where you removed them from. 

Give Yourself Time

If you envision cleaning the entire space all at once, you're much more likely to fail. Instead, focus on a small area of the garage or a specific task (like choosing items for sale) for a block of time during the week, and set your goal accordingly. It'll take longer than it hypothetically could, but this way you'll actually finish. Before you know it, you'll be including your garage in the house tour. 

For those who don't currently own a garage or need the extra space anyway, there's AAA Storage in Longmont. Browse our units online today or call us at 303-776-3629 during business hours. 

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