Storage Units in Longmont | Packing Plates

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Storage Units in Longmont | How to Pack Plates

The first step is to have your packing materials on hand. In the case of plates or similar fragiles, medium-sized boxes are appropriate along with a generous amount of packing paper or newspaper. You'll also need packing tape durable enough to withstand, in this case, considerable weight. 

After assembling your boxes using the packing tape, you'll want to line their bottoms with packing paper. Crumple and insert the paper until there's at least few inches of padding. 

The second use for the packing paper (and the reason we need so much of it) is to wrap each plate with it. Place a plate on top of a piece of paper and fold the paper over the top. Then use a piece of scotch tape to secure it. Repeat this process for each of them. 

Your boxes probably won't be perfectly sized for all of your kitchenware even if you bought a variety of them, and that's where the third use of the packing paper comes in: filling up empty space. Don't wait until a box is full of a plate stack before you start adding padding. instead, fill any empty spaces where the plates might be able to shift with crumpled paper as you go along. Lastly, stack plates in order of weight. Placing heavier stuff nearer the bottom will make boxes more stable when carrying and protect lighter items from breaking. 

If you're in the process of moving your household to Boulder County in Colorado, AAA Storage in Longmont is a great intermediate step. Our storage units are all drive-up, which means you can pull your car right up to (or even inside) them, which helps tremendously with moving. Call us at 303-776-3629 for information about our range of storage units. 

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