Storage Units in Longmont | Packing Glasses

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Storage Units in Longmont | Packing Glasses

The first step is to have your packing materials on hand. For glasses use medium size boxes, as large will have too much empty space for them to bounce around in. You will also need soft materials such as rags or old shirts, or paper packing - ideally, both. 

Just as with the plates we discussed in our last post, you'll need to cover the bottom of each box with packing paper to protect from bumps and drops during transportation. You can also use rags for this. When you pack, place all of your heaviest and largest glasses directly on this cushion at the bottom. 

Starting at one corner of a sheet of paper or other packing material, place a glass at 45 degrees and roll it toward the opposite corner, folding the extra material back toward the glass. When you're done, it should be difficulty to feel features of the glass with your hands. If it isn't a second sheet may be necessary. 

After wrapping your glasses, place them in sturdy stacks (to whatever extent that is possible) until you reach near the top, with heavier glasses always beneath lighter ones. 

When you have just a few inches of space left at the top of your box, fill it with more packing paper or soft material. Having done this, your glasses will be fully protected from movement up and down and laterally and possibly even a drop or two. 

Wine Glasses

Any glass with a stem (or other particularly fragile component) should be wrapped in much the same way, except for additional packing paper being used on the stem alone. Put simply, treat the stem as if it is its own individual glass. 

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