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If you work renting and maintaining self storage units in Longmont, you hear responsible renters voice every possible concern under the sun over entrusting their possessions to a self-storage facility. In this article, we'll address some popular concerns that lean more toward the side of myth than fact. 

Self-Storage Facilities Aren't Safe

It makes sense this is often the number one concern prospective renters have regarding self-storage, and it's why we at AAA Storage take the security of our facility so seriously. It's why we provide each and every customer with a free disc lock that gives even those experienced with lock cutting a tough time. It's why we have security cameras across the property, and it's why our managers walk the facility and check each and every unit several times per week. Finally, it's why our 24-hour facility is protected behind a high fence and code-locked gate after hours. 

You Must Make a Long-Term Commitment

Many storage facilities, including AAA Storage in Longmont, will rent units one month at a time. As long as you provide us with as much notice as you can and clean the unit before you vacate, you'll run into no hiccups renting for just a month or two. As stated above, because we provide you with a free lock and have no administrative fees, your one month rental won't feel like a rip-off.

Self-Storage Units Are Dirty

At AAA Storage we take cleanliness very seriously, and you'll see the results of that when you come visit. Apart from picking up trash daily and cleaning units left messy after move-outs, we provide mouse poison to all of our customers—free of charge. If you rent a unit and it's dirty inside, we will clean it for you; or we'll just give you another unit. 

Come visit us today to see why AAA Storage is the best choice for self-storage in Longmont! You can also call us at 303-776-3629 and our knowledgeable staff will answer any questions you have. 

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