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Storage Units in Longmont | Storing Furniture

Storing furniture in a self-storage unit can be a convenient and cost-effective way to keep your belongings safe and secure while freeing up space in your home. However, it's important to store your furniture properly to ensure that it remains in good condition while it's in storage. In this blog post, we'll share some tips on how to store furniture in a self-storage unit.

  1. Clean and prepare your furniture

Before you move your furniture into a self-storage unit, you should make sure it's clean and dry. Wipe down all surfaces with a clean cloth and mild detergent, and allow it to air dry completely. You may also want to consider applying furniture polish or wax to protect the surface.

  1. Disassemble large pieces

If possible, disassemble large pieces of furniture, such as bed frames or tables, to make them easier to move and store. Keep all screws, bolts, and other hardware in a labeled bag so you can easily reassemble the piece when you retrieve it.

  1. Use furniture covers

Protect your furniture from dust and debris by using furniture covers. You can find covers made specifically for furniture, or you can use blankets or sheets to cover your items.

  1. Stack and wrap carefully

When stacking furniture, place heavier items on the bottom and lighter items on top. Use furniture pads or blankets to separate and protect each piece from scratches or damage. Use plastic wrap or shrink wrap to keep items secure.

  1. Avoid over-packing

It's important not to over-pack your storage unit with furniture, as this can lead to damage from shifting or crushing. Leave space around your items to allow for air flow and access to your belongings.

  1. Use climate-controlled units

If you're storing wooden furniture, leather, or other items that can be affected by humidity or temperature, consider renting a climate-controlled storage unit. These units can help protect your belongings from moisture, mold, and mildew.

Using this advice, you can ensure that your furniture remains in good condition while it's in storage. With a little planning and preparation, you can make the most of your self-storage unit and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your belongings are safe and secure.

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