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Storage Units in Longmont | Household Supplies Checklist

Are you moving into a new apartment and wondering what you'll keep in your utility/hall/bathroom closets and under your kitchen sink? We've got you covered with this checklist of miscellaneous household necessities. Many of the following items can be purchased in bulk, making them much more cost effective.

Under the Kitchen Sink

-Small trash/recycling bins

-Kitchen cleaning chemicals (though beware of allowing access to children and pets)

-Dishwasher tablets, extra dish soap

-Extra sponges

-Disposable/non-disposable cleaning gloves

-Back-up dish rags

-Trash bags

Hall Closet(s)

-Extra/guest bed linens and pillows


-Extra stocks of paper goods like paper towels and toilet paper

-Extra stocks of all hygiene products from deodorant to soap and toothpaste to razors

-A first aid kit/medication basket

-Extra cleaning supplies



Cleaning Supply Specifics

Depending on the size of your living space a vacuum might be a must-have, along with a minimum of one broom and one dustpan. A supplementary hand vacuum will both save you time and inspire more frequent cleaning and dusting. Other cleaning essentials may include:

-Mop and bucket

-L rollers

-All-purpose cleaner

-Stainless steel cleaner

-Glass/ceramic cleaner

-Stovetop cleaner

-Oven cleaner

-Counter cleaner (specific to the material your countertops are made of)

-White vinegar and baking soda

-Microfiber cloths

If you're low on closet space at home, a self-storage facility can be a great option—whether for the short or long term. Consider AAA storage for our convenient, variably-sized drive-up units in the Longmont/Boulder area. There's no commitment; all rentals are done on a month-to-month basis and can be cancelled at any time (with 7 days notice). Interested? Give us a call today at 303-776-3629 or browse our rental page for rates or to rent online, hassle-free.

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