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Storage Units in Longmont | No Littering

Unfortunately, littering is a ubiquitous issue in our society, and the self-storage world is even more prone to it than average. Since self-storage facilities are places of sorting, organization and general transition, the temptation for people to selfishly toss their excess anywhere increases. Most self-storage companies will respond to littering with heavy fines for the offenders, and for good reason. Littering is harmful to the environment and wildlife; especially plastic. It unfairly creates an unsightly and potentially dangerous environment for those responsible, conscientious renters who adhere to a carry in, carry out standard of behavior. It creates the conditions which lead to flat tires, and it even subtly gives others permission to litter themselves. 

No, We Can't Accept Your Trash

AAA Storage is a self-storage facility with a dumpster, not a disposal service. With 700 on-site units, it would be impossible for us to accept the garbage of even a small percentage of our renters, let alone all of them. We will not grant anyone special treatment, so if you foresee an issue managing your own garbage, it would be wise to plan ahead. 

Research and Establish a Plan

Visit the website of your local trash disposal service and you'll likely find information on how and where you can bring any garbage that won't fit into your own trash cans or local dumpster. There are usually local donation services that will accept things you intended to throw away. Use online marketplaces like Facebook or craigslist to sell (or even give away) larger items ahead of your move. While moving in or out of your storage unit, come prepared with enough trash bags to store accumulating garbage.

If you have any questions about AAA Storage's policy on littering or trash, call us at 303-776-3629.

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