Storage Units in Longmont | Large Appliance Advice

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Storage Units in Longmont | Large Appliance Advice

Large household appliances like your washing machine or fridge are likely among the more valuable items you're putting into storage and can cause corresponding stress during the process of moving and storing them. Being prepared and educated beforehand is the best preventative measure to any expensive mistakes.

Consult the Manual

All appliances come with user's manuals and may have useful tips for transportation. For example, your fridge should be standing upright during transportation, or at least be left standing upright afterwards for a duration equal to however long it spent on its side before use. Make sure you check the manual for any appliances you're moving so you don't miss anything crucial.

Prepping Dishwashers

Run the dishwasher on an empty cycle, remove all bins, racks and trays, then allow it to dry with the door open.

Prepping Fridges

Apart from transporting them standing up, refrigerators should be powered off and unplugged for a couple of days leading up to the move. Thoroughly clean every corner (which means obviously involves trashing or transferring any leftover food inside), and make sure the interior is dry. Detach and secure all of the removable interior components so they don't shift around and break, and make sure the water line is completely dry.

Prepping Ovens

Run the self-cleaning feature on your oven and remove as much food residue as you can using a damp rag. Remove the racks and clean them, then wrap and secure them separately. Wipe down the top of your stove. Removing residue is especially important if you plan to store  your oven in a self-storage facility for any length of time, so that mice don't find your unit an appealing place to explore.

Secure All Cords and Lids

Tape the doors shut on any appliances which have them. Also use tape or zip ties to secure any permanently attached cords to the backs of the units. Ensure any components that you removed from your appliances are kept together, with any smaller items kept in labeled plastic bags and taped to the appliance.

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