Storage Units in Longmont | Know Your Lease Terms

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Storage Units in Longmont | Know Your Lease Terms

From time to time, people feel blind-sided by self-storage late or lien fees or, in extreme cases, the auction status of their unit. Cases like these highlight the importance of thoroughly reading the lease of the self-storage facility you rented from. 

Ensure Your Information is Current

When renting a storage unit, most (if not all) facilities will require a current mailing address, an e-mail address, and a telephone number. This diverse range of contact options means that any issues affecting a storage lease can be dealt with swiftly through communication between the facility and tenant. In the event that your auto-paying credit card is expiring or lost and you've forgotten to update your information with your storage facility, you can receive an alert from the office well before a late fee is assessed to your account. For tenants who haven't elected to participate in automatic billing, life circumstances can easily cause storage bills to pass out of sight and mind long enough for penalties to be assessed. If, however, these tenants have provided their facility with current contact information, they'll may be notified well in advance of any fees. 

Read the Lease

While self-storage leases can be lengthy and feel pressuring in the office setting during an active rental process (though your on-duty manager will encourage you to take the time to read it), they can often be sent to a prospective renter's e-mail address. This allows the customer to read the lease on their own time and make an informed decision on whether to rent with that particular facility. Signing the lease indicates that a renter has agreed to all terms, including those related to late fees and auction proceedings. 

AAA Storage is among those facilities which will e-mail you a lease to be signed in your own time. Contact us at 303-776-3629 to find out more. 

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