Storage Units in Longmont | Keeping Pests Out of Your Unit

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Storage Units in Longmont | Pest Tips

Try as self-storage managers might to enforce the "No Food" rule outlined in their leases, the reality is that they cannot directly control what renters choose to keep in their units. Therefore, it may be appropriate for proactive tenants to take steps accounting for the possibility that nearby tenants are attracting mice and insects to the building. The following are some relevant tips.

Choose Tightly Sealing Containers

While it may be financially tempting to store items in loose piles or in old cardboard boxes, consider the scenario of digging through your belongings to find mouse dropping, insects, or worse. An investment in sturdy, airtight totes will allow you to sleep easy knowing that, even in the unfortunate event of an infestation, your things are secure. If you do use boxes, use new ones, and especially not ones that had previously been used to store food. Even if such boxes seem clean to you, they may not be. Lastly, keeping food in an airtight container is not an exception to the rule. Do not keep any food in your unit whatsoever. 

Keep Everything Off the Ground

There are various possibilities for implementing this idea, such as installing temporary shelving, sturdy tables or pallets anywhere you plan to place containers. 

Research and Use Pest Deterrents

For the determined self-storage tenant, a more proactive solution may be the use of traps, chemicals or oils along the borders of the storage unit. Whatever option you're considering, be absolutely sure to check in with the manager of your facility first. It may be the case that your chosen deterrent is harmful or dangerous in some way. 

If you do find evidence of pests in your storage unit, inform management immediately. At AAA Storage, we make mouse poison available to all of our renters. 

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