Storage Units in Longmont | How to Store Power Tools | Part 1

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The self-storage industry is a popular storage option for power tools, but tenants should be aware that selecting a secure and monitored facility like AAA Storage's storage units in Longmont is just the beginning of responsible tool storage. In parts 1 and 2 of this article, we will cover some crucial tips for safe and effective preservation of tools while they aren't in use. 

Inspect, Clean and Replace

Power tools should be cleaned and inspected for damage after every use, and the same applies to before they are placed in storage. Clean your tools with a rag to remove any dust or moisture that could build up and erode crucial components if left unaddressed over a storage term. This process has the added potential benefit of advance warning that a tool or component will need to be replaced soon, as opposed to the realization occurring halfway through your next job.

Storage Location

The location of your tools within the unit itself is important, especially if you access the unit with any regularity. You want to choose a spot guaranteed to be protected from weather or pests and which won't be trafficked except to access the tools themselves. When possible, hanging them up in a tool cabinet—whether purchased specifically or done make-shift—is ideal. This way, no one will knock over your expensive tools on their way to grab something else. 

Keep Your Boxes

Original packaging is often one of the better options for power tool storage. This helps preserve organization and prevents a scavenger hunt in advance of using a particular item. Additionally, the box your power tool came in might include supports conducive to safe storage.  

Thanks for reading part 1 of our series on power tool storage; check back next week for the rest. Call AAA Storage at 303-776-3629 with questions, or browse our units online!

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