Storage Units in Longmont | Declutter Your Home With These Tips

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Decluttering the home can feel like an especially cumbersome task, usually in proportion to the length of time since it was last accomplished. Here are some tips to make that process easier and simpler. And of course, this advice can apply to any living situation!

Purchase a Label Maker

A frequently used label maker is one of the best ways to coax yourself into better storage habits. The act of labeling totes, boxes, shelving, etc. around your house will naturally lead toward more disciplined and more frequent use of designated storage areas. Also, if you live with others, it's a great way to get them operating on the same page without having to constantly and tediously correct them. Label makers can be fun to use, too—with a little creativity.

Develop a Cleaning Routine

More frequent, shorter cleaning sessions are probably superior to less frequent, longer cleaning sessions. Longer ones tend to inspire procrastination and fail to lead to the development of sound, healthy, effective cleaning habits. Set yourself a cleaning schedule and stick to it. After a few weeks it'll feel easier, and your house will shine as a reward for your efforts in responsibility and organization.

Lean Toward Furniture With Storage

Buying furniture with storage elements can free up a ton of extra space you wouldn't have otherwise had. If that table has drawers under it instead of just legs, it doubles as a decluttering agent.

Rent a Storage Unit

If you live in our area, AAA Storage offers storage units in Longmont for affordable prices. As an alternative to the above, renting some extra space outside of your home can be an effective means of decluttering. Just make sure you don't use it as an excuse to neglect a mess at home. It'll probably spread to your storage unit, too.

To begin the process, call us at 303-776-3629 or browse our available units online. If the idea of selecting the perfect unit for your specific needs intimidates you, check out our online storage guide

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