Storage Units in Longmont | Common Questions

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The following are some of the questions we are most frequently asked regarding our storage units in Longmont.

Why Won't My Latch Slide?

If you find yourself unable to slide your latch—either to open the door or to shut it—apply downward pressure with your foot to the small handle at the bottom of the door. 99 times out of 100, this will solve the problem. 

The Door to My Unit Seems Broken. What Should I Do? 

Never, under any circumstances, try to fix the door yourself. Visit the office during business hours so a staff member can inspect the door and decide on the appropriate course of action. 

Why is There a Red Lock on My Unit?

Most of the time, a red lock on a unit is there because your payment was not received on time. Remember that payment is due by midnight on the day of your rental anniversary. Ask the manager about setting up auto-pay if you find yourself forgetting to pay on time. Remember that even if your unit is "red-locked," a late fee won't be assessed until day five. If your unit is red-locked but your payment isn't late, call the manager during business hours to find out why; there could be a security concern. 

Why Isn't My Gate Code Working?

Remember to press the asterisk (*) key, followed by your code, followed by the pound (#) key. If your code still isn't working, call the office during business hours the following day to find out if you're missing the correct code or if there's some other issue with your account. 

These are just a few of a number of common questions we'll be covering over the next few blog posts. Check back later for more. If you're interested in renting a Longmont storage unit with AAA Storage, call us at 303-776-3629. 

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