Storage Units in Longmont | Car Restoration

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Storage Units in Longmont | Car Restoration Projects

If you're an auto enthusiast in Longmont, Colorado, with a passion for restoring cars or working on your vehicle projects, you may be wondering if self-storage facilities can serve as a suitable space for your endeavors.

Space Considerations:

The first thing to evaluate when considering a self-storage unit for vehicle restoration is space. Many self-storage facilities offer units of various sizes, some of which may be large enough to accommodate your project. It's essential to check with the facility management to find a unit that meets your space requirements. Keep in mind that some facilities may have restrictions on working directly on vehicles inside the unit, so be sure to inquire about their policies. At AAA Storage, we both have units large enough and allow for such projects. However, we do not allow renters to leave behind damage such as oil stains.

Facility Amenities:

In your search for the perfect self-storage unit, consider your needs. Do you need access to electricity (not offered at AAA Storage)? Is the area well-ventilated to protect your health?

Security and Safety:

When working with valuable items, it's important to know the security features of the facility you're renting at. Do they have cameras and gated access? Make sure you take your own safety steps as well, such as using a high-quality lock that is difficult to break through.

While it is possible to work on vehicle restoration projects in self-storage facilities in Longmont, Colorado, it's essential to do your due diligence. Find a facility that offers the accommodations you need to support your endeavors in vehicle restoration. If you have any questions for the managers at AAA Storage on 3rd and Hover, give us a call at 303-776-3629 today. We'll be glad to address any concerns you have about storing a vehicle here.

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