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Storage Units in Longmont - Businesses That Utilize Self-Storage

AAA Storage serves a vast range of needs, and those of small businesses are among the most important. The following are some of the small businesses which most commonly turn to the self-storage industry for storing their equipment, inventories, documents and more. 


Landscapers can be frequently seen entering and leaving our 24-hour, gate access drive-up facility, and for good reason. Landscapers make use of a range of tools which are not generally suitable for home storage and which need to be selected on a per-job basis. Landscapers may drive their transportation vehicles right up to their storage unit, remove the tools they need (which will ideally be arranged using some of the many organizational options applicable to self-storage units), and leave knowing the remainder is secure in facility that takes security seriously.


Caterers need a large quantity of appliances, tables, chairs and decorations for the events they service. Self-storage is the perfect solution for their specific needs. Their trucks will be able to dock directly at the storage location, enabling the most efficient possible transportation to and from catered evens.

Online Businesses

A growing online business inventory may not be sufficiently accommodated by the home of the business owner, nor is it necessarily healthy to overlap one's work life with one's home life. A self storage unit is the perfect solution for both of these problems, providing an affordable, individualized storage space that can be arranged in ways only limited by the imagination, and which provides a dedicated location separate from the home. 

There are a wide range of businesses which turn to AAA Storage and its storage units in Longmont for their individual needs, so check back soon for another post on this subject. In the meantime, browse our website for more information. 

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