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Boat owners have a few options for storage, ranging from the driveway to the dock. But if you're a boat-owner in the Boulder County area, our storage units in Longmont might just be your best option. Keep reading to find out why local residents choose to store their boats with us.

Security Features

AAA Storage is a gated, monitored facility surrounded by a wire fence with a resident on-site manager and a CCTV system. Our staff go on regular "walkthroughs"—which include inspecting the exterior of each and every unit on the property—to ensure that nothing is amiss.  


Our facility is in close proximity to many bodies of water in the Boulder County region. If you're staying in the area for your boating excursion, you'll be glad you stored its most important feature in a convenient, accessible location. 

Drive-Up Access

If you choose to store your boat inside a storage unit—as opposed to outside in one of our parking spaces (outdoor space is currently limited, please call ahead)—the process for coming and going is simple. No lengthy maneuvering necessary; just hitch your boat and leave.

Call us at 303-776-3629 for more information.

Prep Your Boat For Winter

This process—called winterizing—is essential for boat storage regardless of which option you choose. 

Some of the basic steps include:

  • Remove all water and drain plugs
  • Run antifreeze through the engine and toilet
  • Remove and clean the battery
  • Fill the gas tank to full and add a stabilizer
  • Remove any food particles (to deter pests)

This is not a complete list and should not be regarded as such. If you feel intimidated by the task, consider hiring another party with expertise to do it for you.

AAA Storage is open from 9-5 on weekdays and 9-3 on weekends. Stop by the office with any of your questions!

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