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Storage Units in Longmont | How to Store a Bicycle

Bikes are a popular transportation option in pockets across the United States, and Boulder, Colorado is a prime example. Its bike lanes and paths reach almost every corner of the city. However, also common in Boulder are adverse weather conditions through a large part of the year, which means all but the most determined cyclists will need to store their bikes. If you're hurting for space at home, taking advantage of a self-storage facility with security features to get your bike out of the way for a few months may be an optimal solution.

The first step when storing a bicycle is to do a full inspection of its frame. You're looking for cracks or chips that may degrade further during a winter storage term. It's also just a wise, prudent decision to audit your belongings before dropping them off in storage. 

Next you'll want to wipe clean every component of your bicycle of all accumulated grime to prevent the formation of rust. Lubricate chains as an added measure. Also remember to empty any containers or packs attached to your bicycle, as any food crumbs left behind may attract unwanted visitors to your storage unit and units surrounding yours. 

As is the case with cars (and all other wheeled vehicles), it's essential to inflate your bike's tires before placing it in storage. Deflated tires may become warped if allowed to rest in that state for a prolonged period. The same can even happen to the rims when exposed to similar pressure. 

By following these steps, you'll open your storage unit in springtime to a bicycle that is lubricated, clean, properly inflated and fully functional. 

If you're looking for a place to store your bicycle for the off-season, consider AAA Storage in Longmont.

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