Storage Units in Longmont | Bathroom Checklist

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Storage Units in Longmont | Bathroom Essentials

The process of moving into your first apartment can be daunting for many obvious reasons, and among them is the newfound responsibility to keep and maintain your own living space. Rather than attempting to foresee each and every situation where you might need something you don't have, use basic checklists and online resources to cover all your bases. Be sure to ask any family members or close friends you have if they own any extra essentials they'd be willing to part with. If your parents are home-owners, chances are they've accumulated a huge amount of stuff over the years that they'll likely never use.

Shower Mat

Buying one of these will save you from slips and falls getting into and out of the shower, and help prevent water damage around the edges of your bathroom. They are absolutely essential. Just be sure to clean them regularly; bath mats are notoriously friendly to bacteria.

Towels and Hooks

Bathroom towels can be bought in convenient sets which contain towels of varying sizes from shower towels to hand and face towels. If you don't choose to go with a set, buy a bare minimum of two of each. Your apartment may or may not come with enough hooks and racks for hanging drying towels, but placing an extra one on the door can't hurt. 

Toilet Brush/Plunger

A brush is obviously necessary for the routine cleaning you'll be doing. A plunger is something you don't need until you really need it, and it's best to be prepared for the extra $15 or so. 


You'll want a box of small trash bags (and the small trash can to go along) and a bulk purchase of toilet paper. Be sure to buy a toilet paper holder in the rare case there isn't one already. 

Shower Curtain

A double curtain with plastic for the inside is best. Make sure to inspect and clean your shower curtain routinely for mold and replace it when it becomes unmanageable. 

AAA Storage is a drive-up self-storage facility in Longmont, CO. 

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