Storage Units in Longmont | Avoid Common Storage Mistakes

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Renting storage units in Longmont with AAA Storage may be straightforward, but that doesn't mean everything about storage is! The following are some tips to help your experience go smoothly.

Clean Everything Before You Store It 

Your stored items may become moldy, or worse, attract pests if you don't clean them beforehand. Invest some time into wiping down your belongings with a clean cloth to prevent damage over the course of your storage term. 

Get Insurance

While we don't require insurance at AAA Storage, we do recommend it. Insurance will protect you in case of events like theft or fire. If you don't get it, you will be responsible for the loss of your belongings in the unlikely event they are damaged or stolen. AAA Storage offers insurance through Bader for a modest fee tacked onto your monthly rent. 

Label Everything

One of the biggest storage mistakes renters make is failing to label (and properly organize) their boxes. If your unit is even modestly filled, sifting through unlabeled boxes can be a nightmare you'll regret later. Prevent that by labeling your boxes as you place them in your storage unit according to categories of your choosing. 

Leave Yourself Enough Time

One of the biggest mistakes that so many of us make is leaving a stressful event like moving to the last minute. If you're staging your household items in a self-storage facility, do it slowly over time. Not only with this massively reduce the stress of moving, it will also help with organization. When you aren't in a rush, you'll have the time and emotional energy required to label boxes, size them correctly, and arrange them sensibly inside your unit. 

Don't Make Your Boxes Heavy

Obviously sometimes we can't avoid packing a heavy box if a particular item itself is heavy, but generally speaking boxes can be filled and arranged in such a way that none of them is likely to herniate a disc. Exert the effort required to separate items into boxes so that all of them are a reasonable weight. Not only will this make the boxes less likely to break, you'll also avoid the dreaded back injuries which are unfortunately so common in moving.

For more tips like these, browse our other blogs or call us at 303-776-3629 to speak to our staff. 

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