Tips for Renting a Storage Unit in Longmont

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Are you browsing for storage units in Longmont, Boulder, or the surrounding area? Trusting your possessions to a storage facility can be a stressful prospect. Luckily, we are here to help—not only with our safe, reliable storage options but with our collected wisdom from decades of providing those options. The following post contains simple yet effective tips to ensure your storage experience is uneventful, which is exactly how it should be.

Firstly and importantly, we do not allow food in our units. If you are storing any possessions which may have collected food particles over time (such as couches, chairs, or other furniture items), please vacuum them clean before storing them. If you plan on storing a grill, please clean it thoroughly beforehand. Diligence in keeping food out of your unit helps maintain a pest-free storage environment not only for yourself but for your neighboring renters as well. For our part, AAA Storage offers complimentary mouse poison that we routinely distribute throughout our vacant units. 

Because a storage unit can quickly become disorganized and unmanageable, we strongly suggest employing some pre-emptive measures toward preventing that. Many of our more experienced renters use temporary shelving (permanent modifications to the units are not permitted) which aids in utilizing the space more efficiently and preserving walkways. In a similar vein, storing items by category in labeled plastic bins or boxes goes a long way toward minimizing the risk of a storage unit falling into disarray. Taking photographs or creating itemized lists of your inventory may seem excessive in the short term, but is guaranteed to save you both time and headaches over the duration of your lease.

Bear in mind that our units are not climate controlled, so any items which are vulnerable to the elements should not be stored on the property. Family heirlooms and valuables such as jewelry, diamonds, and fine art should never be stored in our units. Explosives or combustibles like gasoline, propane, fireworks, aerosols, etc. are not permitted, nor are potentially hazardous chemicals. We take the safety of our tenants and their belongings very seriously, and we ask for your help in maintaining the level of reliability and security that renters at AAA Storage have come to expect.

To conclude this series of tips, we remind you that your unit must be left "broom clean" upon your departure. AAA Storage does not currently have a place for your unwanted items, so all excess must be brought with you at the end of your lease. If you have furniture that you would like to donate, we suggest contacting Habitat for Humanity; they will come to the facility and remove the items for you. Lastly: The free lock we gave you when you began your lease is yours to keep, so be sure to take it with you!

Check back regularly for further updates and articles like this one. Thank you for choosing locally-owned-and-operated AAA Storage to rent storage units in Longmont. Call us at 303-776-3629 to learn more!

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