Top 10 Self-Storage Longmont, Colorado Sizes

Top 10 Self-Storage Longmont, Colorado Sizes

Choosing the right size storage unit is important so that you are not spending money on space you are not using. Here are 10 ways to choose that right size self storage:

1. 5×5’s If you are looking for a cheap storage unit in Longmont CO, look no further. 5 x 5 size storage units are perfect for storing extra items such as seasonal items, clothing, books, bicycles, record/file storage, a small mattress and box spring. Great for Christmas decorations or gardening tools. This is our smallest and cheapest mini storage unit.

2. 5×10’s are perfect for storing a studio apartment or Queen Mattress, Major Appliances, Furniture, Clothing, Television, and storage boxes. If you are coming from Niwot, Boulder, or Estes Park, you will love the convenience of these drive up self storage units in Longmont. This size storage unit is sometimes referred to as a storage locker.

3. 10×10’s are perfect for storing up to a 2 bedroom house or apartment. King Size Mattress, Major Appliances, Couches, Kitchen tables, Garage items and Boxes. The pricing we have may be the cheapest storage units in Longmont for this size storage unit. Especially if you take advantage of the coupon and other discount savings opportunities from our website.

4. 10×15’s are perfect for storing up to a 3 bedroom house or apartment. Major Appliances, Couches, Love seat, Chairs, Kitchen table and chairs, Boxes, and Business Furniture. This size mini storage unit would be considered a medium size storage unit.

5. 10×20’s are perfect for storing up to a 4 bedroom house. Including Kitchen appliances, large boxes, and washer/dryer. Also some compact vehicles.

6. 10×25’s are perfect for storing a 5 bedroom house including all appliances, large boxes, entertainment centers and large televisions. It is also perfect for most vehicles. This size self storage unit would be considered to be a large mini storage unit in Longmont Colorado.

7. 10×30’s are perfect for a 5-7 bedroom house including all furniture and boxes.

8. 10×40’s have 2 doors for easy access. It will store large household furniture. You can also use it to store up to 1-2 vehicles. Here in Longmont, these are one of our storage unit customer’s favorite sizes. This gigantic mini storage unit has 2 full size garage doors on each end and has drive up access to both doors.

9. Parking – outdoor parking, if you are looking for some inexpensive parking in Longmont, this is a perfect spot for your RV, trailer, car, truck, or boat.

10. Pull Thru Parking – These outdoor parking spaces are perfect for the RV, travel trailer, or boat trailer that you want to be able to park easily, no backing into your spot, just pull right through.

You may also want to consider your storage unit access. Some facilities have 24-hour access to outdoor units with a special gate code. Others may only have certain access hours that may not work with your schedule. So if convenience is important, be sure you check about access hours.

Now once you have figured out what you will be storing and what size self storage unit you will need and what kind of mini storage access you may want, your next step will be to compare self storage prices and facility access. For more information we have a storage calculator and storage unit estimator on our website, or feel free to give us a call at 303-776-3629 we are always happy to help!

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